Friday, December 17, 2004

First walk through

Well guys, we did our first walk through and the house looked really good. We only had 11 small issues for them to repair, but they are very minor. Lots of caulking to do and a few touch up paint jobs. The sprinklers and misters all work well and most of the outlet switches worked. Our house will get one last final walk trough on the 29th and then we close on the 30th and will get our keys and start moving in. The garage just seemed so big to me because we have never had a side-by-side 2-car garage. When we lived in SD we had a 2-car garage, but it was the type where you had to pull in behind the other car. We also found out from our neighbor that a tree fell on our house during the last two hurricanes. I talk to Jill from Armco and she said that was true and they would provide us with a letter for proof that that indeed did happen and that there was minimal damage and they made all repairs. There was no damage to the inside of the house, but only to the exterior wall of our bedroom. The down tree is still in the preserve behind our house, but they will remove it. I worry about next year, when we have hurricanes, since we live so close to the preserve and have so many trees in the backyard, but we will stock up on plywood to protect our big windows. I was talking to a caller the other day that lives in south FL and was hit hard by both Frances and Charlie and he has USAA, and they covered every last time of damage and even to his car. I'm so glad we have USAA. They are the best insurance company.

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