Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I love this room

Okay that is a perfect picture of the way I want my family room to look. I even want that color on my walls. I know in about a year, I'll be ready to paint again, but for now I'm in love with the warm vibrant oranges. I have got to get to this showroom here in Jax's , ehehhehe. I don't care much for that sectional, but I like the other accents in the room. Oya, the lamps are to 50-60's for me, eheheh. O my god, that table looks like it's going to take off, OKAY , but the color on the walls and the window, really give me a good look at what my room will look like when we paint and the floor is almost like ours. I better go to bed now, we do our final walk through later on today and I'm so excited to see my home again. I'll take more picture of course. I would like the secional I picked the first time, below this article............yeah that one, in this room here above.

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