Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Best X-Mas gift ever!

Today at work we had our secret Santa gift exchange and our before x-mas dinner. My friend Merranda cooked an awesome turkey and I bought Virginia baked ham. You know it's my favorite because it's named after me. LOL ehehhehe. We also had green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet bread, mash potatoes and gravy. For deserts we had chocolate cake in the shape of Santa, pumpkin pie and my favorite pecan pie. For drinks we had several different types of cider and Celines famous frozen coke, the reason it's famous is because Celines always forgets about it in the freezer here at work and it's all frozen when she goes to get it out.

I got up early this morning and ate breakfast with Mianna but after that I talked her into riding her bike to school so I could jump back in the bed. I was still sleepy since I had went to bed at 1:30 and got up at 5:30. I fell back to sleep at 8 and got up at 10. I had to run to Super WalMart to get the ham for the party and then I ran home to cut it up and get it ready for work. I also ran down to our new home to turn in some paperwork and then take some pics of the outside of the house. I will post them when I get home. I'm at work now just killing time and day dreaming about how its going to be when we move into our new home. I still can't believe we bought a house today. We still have to close, but that will be before the end of the month and We hope to move in before x-mas. I'm not sure how I'm going to move the x-mas tree, but I really would love to save it and put it up in the formal living room so that it's the first thing you see when you walk in the door. I must say this is the best Christmas present EVER! I signed all the loan papers today and it was kind of nerve racking to see all them $$$ signs. Wow, we will be living in a home worth a quarter of a million bucks :o) that just sounds too crazy. I haven't even called my mom to tell her the news. Every time I try her house the phone just rings and rings with no answer. I did call Erin and Ingrid and Davina. I talk to Pinky in North Carolina last night and told her. But I think we still have yet to tell Richie's parents and mine. Most of you online that read my bloggs know now I suppose. I'm just so dang happy. I hope it all works out and we really like living in our small town of green cove. I read all about the history of the town and it's pretty neat. Check out this link to read more. Here are the picture from today

Work X-mas dinner and gift exchange

New Santos Home


PhotoMom said...

Your house is so BEAUTIFUL! Congrats! I love all the big windows... is that berber carpet?

LORRAINE said...

Love it guys! Your 1st home, Yay for you!
Love the big window in the living room.
Good luck in getting your 1st home.