Monday, December 13, 2004

Good Credit

Well guys, the out is that we were approved for the loan on our dream home. I have excellent credit and my FICO score was much higher that Richie's and he was joking about not talking to me for having a better score, but together we really have excelent credit and they approved us for 234,000 for that house, but we decided that the payments would be a little too much for us, since we also plan on buying a new car after we buy the house. Tomorrow I will go back to the neighborhood and look at a few more models and we might just go with our second choice. The house that Richie really fell in love with is only 217 and we might try and go for that one. I do love the view and the many bay windows in that house. It was such a nice feeling to know that we have good credit and could be approved for such a good amount. If I was making more money a year, I would feel more comfortable with the payments of 1800 a month. So for now I'll keep you all posted.

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