Saturday, December 11, 2004

Portal Potty God

Well guys, the day after the x-mas part was kind of ruff on me. I must have had a little food poisoning with dehydration mixed in and needless to say I was on the toilet most of the afternoon. I took a couple hour nap and then woke up to pick Mianna up from school. I thought I was all better and so we decided to drive out to Green Cove to get the red car registered, but we had left one important piece of paper work at home. Despite our drive out to the cove, we had decided on going to check out the neighborhood that our realtor Pat Leroy had suggested to us. We stopped in Hickory Knolls Estates and as we drove around we were just marveled by the houses. All of a sudden my stomach starts to bubble and I break out in a hot flash and begin to sweat," O my god". I told Rich " I need the bathroom now, so as we turned this one corner I screamed stop!!! Right in the middle of the street was a blue portal potty. O my god I was in heaven and I couldn't get into that thing any faster. I almost had a near accident that would have been so fatal to all of us in the car. What or How in the world, was my prayers answered, was just so baffling to me. I walked out of the portal potty with a big old smile on my face and I really didn't want to go too far from it, but we drove around a little more and I found the house I liked. Today we got up at 10:30 and met with our realtor to go shopping around for houses. The first one he took us to was just across the street from his house and it was nice with the biggest yard I have seen in Jax. O man that yard was just so huge. You have to sit on a sit down lawn mower just to cut that grass. After that we ran around to many more models and then fell in love with this 5 bed, 3 baths home and thought for sure we had found our home. Mianna was already making plans to sleep in the bonus room above the garage. The outside of that house was made with seashells and it was actually pretty looking. But after we went into this all brick house, we had changed our minds again, and this was that first house of the day to make me say WOW, it's such a pretty home with a huge yard, big enough to put a pool. After we left that area, we drove in to Green Cove and went to Hickory Knolls Estates and finally I was going to see the house that I thought I would fall in love with, and yes, the minute we walked in, I did the WOW and was in love with it. Tomorrow we will sign some papers and get things started on buying the house. Our realtor was able to bring the price down 5000 bucks for us. I believe the house is about 230,000. It doesn't have a huge yard, but I think it's a perfect size to enjoy some backyard fun and it backs up to a natural preserve that will never be built on and so we will not have neighbor on the back of us. We will have neighbor on both sides of us and some across the street too. This community is very small and I believe it is less than 100 homes in the neighborhood, but a few still need to be built. We fell in love with this model called the Hickory III, take a look at it. I think the portal potty was a sign and one really funny story for me to tell. The house is brand new and ready for us to move into in a few days if all goes well. We did pay for rent this month ,but we can be out of this apartment before X-mas and have that in our new home in front of the fireplace. ehehehhe. cross your fingers for us. The resale value on this house is going to be out of this world, well not as good as resale in SD, but good enough for FL. After all that running around, we went to see Oceans Eleven and that was a good movie.

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PhotoMom said...

Glad you found a Port-a-Potty. I know how awful that feeling is when your stomach turns like that. Love the new house! Good luck on all the paperwork!

Love ya!