Friday, December 10, 2004

AIMD Christmas Party

Last night we went to Richie's AIMD X-mas party and it was so nice. It was at the Adams Max Hotel in downtown Jaxs and this place was so huge. There were several X-mas partys going on, that we had to follow the signs to our party. When we got there, people were already in line to get food. We found a table to sit at and then went to the bar to get our drinks. The ball room was decorated in gold green and red colored baloons with special engraved wine glasses with the AIMD insignia on them. We made sure to take our glasses home. The DJ played such good music , but with over 800 people at the party you can imagine how crowed the dance floor was. We opted to stay at the table and mingle with folks. Eveyong on the dance floor was doing the electic slide, to every single song. The night was filled with so much fun and then the suspence of the number calling for the drawing and the big winners of the night was the last ticket called for a 50 inch TV. We were not lucky that night, but lots of rio MP3 players, and george forman grills and other small tv's and DVD players were given away. I hear that last year the big give away was a cruise to the bahamas. People were really dressed up nice and lady's had there hairs DID and nails done. It was so nice to meet and see eyeryone. After the part we headed to a club called Christophers and we were in for a treat when we got there. It was actually gay night and when we walked in there were drags performing on the dance floor and it was so cool. I danced with Tiffany all night and Rich played pool and hung out with his friend. That is by far the most fun thing we have done in Jaxs. I'll have to tell you the rest of the story when we get back. but click on the title to view the pics, I didn't take too many.

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