Wednesday, February 15, 2006

walking problems

Last night I got off work at 6pm and couldn't walk at all. I was not dizzy, not sleepy, just had no feeling in both legs. I used my work chair to get around, since it has wheels and just stayed to chat with the 2nd shift gals, until Rich came to pick me up. I'm heading back to the hospital today at 2pm and check out what's going on or what they can do. I think it's a side effect from the pills I'm on. I'm walking today, but very unsteady. I look so funy walking around like Rock woman thrying with all my might to take each step. I have to get ready now, since it might take me longer to get myself together for the appointment.

1 comment:

PhotoMom said...

Oh man Virg, you're falling apart! Maybe they should to a CAT scan?