Monday, February 20, 2006

Cleaning house

I have been so fed up with this dirty house and so I have my family working like crazy to clean house. From the day I came home from the hospital with my cane in hand and all, I was cleaning house. I feel much better, but I'm still rocking my boat and having tension headaches on a constant basis with my eyes jumping like crazy from having to try and focus so hard. I have an ENT appointment on the 2nd of March and if I can hold out I will wait until then to have my hearing test and just try to schedule a sight test for the same day. I have no need or want to go to physical therapy since I have been walking better without the meds and I'm typing better too. I have pain and fullness in my right ear, but not so much that I need meds for it. I have taken my self off of all meds the DR gave me and I feel much better just dealing with the vertigo on my own without the meds. I have to take a break and just relax once in awhile and if it gets real bad and my stomach hurts, I sit down or lay down. Rich just power washed the outside of the house and now he is going to wash my car. I was thinking about test drving the H3 and trade my car in for it if I like it that much. ehhehe. I keep giving Rich a hard time about trading in his truck to get the H3, but he hates Hummers. We do love the TL too much but I'll still check out the H3. LOL. let me get off this computer and try to clean up my bedroom. I just feel much better when my house is clean and can't stand the clutter for one second.


Dee said...
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Dee said...

Thanks for you comments on my blog. You sound like you've been going through hell! Take it easy, yourself, girl! I know you feel better but it's so easy to relapse.

I hope you get this vertigo issue taken care of soon.

Take it easy... let your family do for you for a while...