Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Summary of my BPPV

I thought I would try with all my might to do one thing that makes me happy... Sit at my Mac and type a little summary on my blogg. I must say I run a fine line between keeping an online summary for myself and wanting to keep my readers updated on my everyday LIFE!

O, my goodness, just to get all off subject I have to tell you that my birds are whistling to Ludacris song, Georgia...it's too funny, she was bumping to the beat real good. O my goodness she is really doing this, now she is doing it to this Pharell song and I'm just busting up at them as they play in the cage and make little noises with the beats, too funny. This is I; I just speak my mind and have to get all off the subject at the drop of a hat. I think it would be much better for me to update my blogg by voice, since I'm trying to type with vertigo, LOL.

I have to try and keep things as normal as I can and this is one thing that makes me so happy. I love to type and sit at my computer, hell I work with a computer all day, and it might not be in the way I would prefer to and on a system that most people don’t even use anymore. Yeah, my job is so behind the times as far as technology is concern but O well. I miss my coworkers. I have not made it through an entire workweek in over a month now and it doesn’t look like I’ll be going back anytime soon. I am trying my hardest to get well and it looks like it’s going to be a long and slow process.

Rich woke me up this morning and had all kinds of news for me. He is the BEST and I will tell y’all with all my heart, that he Listens to me and is such a take charge and caring person. I truly have my soul mate. Anyways, he woke me up this morning and said, babe I have an ENT appointment set up for you and it’s at 10:30 today. Big smile from me but a little wine in my voice, because I was up until 1:30 this morning and I’m just not a morning person and probably would have slept the day away. Ehhehe. My baby knows me to well and I’m so happy he got me in to ENT today. You all know I was hospitalized for 2 days and had a CT and MRI test done and that all came back good, but with the hearing test I had today at ENT, they found that I had high tone hearing lost in both ears and my DR had suggested more MRI and MRA test for my neck area. When I was in the hospital they were only focused on my brain and that was all good. We have to rule out nerve diseases and then we can move on from there. I’m a little excited about gong to the specialist in town, because they will run some really fun and in depth test on my motion. I’m only looking at this entire process as fun so I can make it past all of it with flying colors and FIX ME already. Dam it!!! No more drugs for me. I have been drug free for 4 days, but did take IB this morning for my cramps that are kicking my butt. I have to try and take Valium alone to see if it helps my vertigo and then let the DR know what it does for me. I have to try and go back to work, but Rich says he will take leave to be home with me and I'm not going back to work. =o( for now. sad face from me. I don't want to have to use saving to live, if we run out of money to pay bills. REAL LIFE. that is what I'm worried about.

Balance is determined by a complex combination
of inputs into the brain. These inputs are:

Proprioception (sensation of position of joints)
Inner ear

Too be continued.....

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