Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ENT appointment

Well guys, my ENT appointment went well. Finally someone who can understand me and relate to all the symptoms I've been experiencing. I must say, they found me clogged up in all orifices. I was so scared to have my ears cleaned out but after Rich held my hand and the Dr. did all he could to make me feel comfortable and keep my mind off of the procedure, I passed with flying colors and no PAIN at all. I had enough in there to make a candle and they were joking about it the entire time. Rich said he would make a little shadow box to house my collection. The Dr had suggested that I return to ENT 3 times a month to have my ears cleared out. I did wake up with redness around my right ear and heat. Dr, noticed that right away and asked if it's always like that, I told him no and only found it this morning. I'm in an early stage of infection and so he prescribed some antibiotics. The Dr said that my impacted ears were causing the vertigo and that I should have no more symptoms now that it's all cleared out. He did check me for positional vertigo and found none. I fell much better but just very irritable. I have been on edge for the past 3 weeks and it's probably due to all this mess. My nose cavity was also inflamed and so he sprayed some liquid in there to help open up my breathing path and suggested that I continue to use my flonase and when I return for my follow up he will recheck my nasal cavity and see if we should proceed with surgery (septoplasty) to open it up further. After talking with Dr. Clark, we discovered that he know our Uncle Dr.Castro. heehhe. They were really good buddies back in DC and after that discovery Dr. Clark really relaxed and began to talk more with us about the procedures and then proceed to check Rich out and talk with him about his procedures he as had in the past. It's such a small world in the Navy Medical field. Dr. Clark was also trained by the Dr. that did Ritchie’s procedure back in the day and she use to be #1 surgeon in the field. I feel so relieved to find out that my problem was more of simple one with simple solutions and I'm at ease now. I will take one more day off from work and on Friday I return to the hospital for my other appointment. This time I have girly issues to deal with. I was diagnosed with a low grade of abnormal cells on my cervix and since I haven’t been keeping this up to date in the area, I might get a little bit of spank on the hand for not taking care of things. I recently got an email from my friend in Japan who just had surgery to remove a cyst on her ovary that had ruptured and it was such a mess for her. I also have another buddy that is going through some ruff times with her endometriosis. We will all live through this. Today Rich told me I should go back to school now and become the next Dr. in the family. ehehhe. I have the will and the skill, but not the MULA. hehehe LOL, any donation would be nice...? Okay so I took my sedative and I'm waiting for it to kick in but nothing yet. LOL

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