Tuesday, February 28, 2006

1/2 day

I finally went back to work today and stayed 1/2 day. I was fine for the first 2 hours and then my vertigo set in and I realized how this might be a long process for me and so I'm having to fill out FLMA so that I have the option for more time off here and there as I need it. I'm stuggling to be normal again and I just need to take it slow and not push my self to much. I have and ENT appointment this Thursday and also physical therapy and I hope it all goes well and maybe the PT will help me get better.

I'm working on painting our spare bedroom and have one wall done already. Mianna has been a big help with the painting and it's fun to see the room transform. I'll post pictures as soon as we get it all done. It will be a very serene guest bedroom in shades of lilac and deep purples.

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