Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feeling better

I'm felling much better and at least now I can drive with lots of caution and walk on my own but still with much caution. I have been working on my Resume and job hunting on Monster and a few other sites. I have an interview/test with a huge company this Saterday and I'm already nervouse. I just hope that I feel more like my self when it comes time to interview. My eye motion is a little wacky, but I can manage to focus. I wasn't expecting to go in for an interview so soon and so my Resume is not done and I have no clothes that will fit me, that are good enough for and interview. My old size 0 Express slacks will not fit my big dagan. It's so hard being 10lbs up from my normal weight. I'm growing to love my new size, but clothing is an issue. I will go shopping to try and find some slacks and a nice blouse for the interview. Wish me luck with this one. I will be making about 25-35000 a year with up to 5000 in bonus money and a raise every 6 months. NOT bad ha?

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