Monday, February 06, 2006

Sedative and Antihistamine

I was prescribed Meclizine and Valium to help my vertigo. I was curios as to why they would prescribe Valium of all things, for vertigo. I got home to read about it on MSN Health and it is called an unlabled use. An unlabeled use of a drug is when a doctor prescribes a medication for a purpose other than that for which it has been specifically designed and approved. Sometimes a drug is prescribed for a specific unlabeled use so often that doctors consider it a common practice.
Anyways the Valium was locked up and the Dr that had the only key was gone for the day and so I only got more Meclizine and I just took my second pill. I'll see the ENT tomorrow and see what he tell me and also pick up my meds. I'm home from work for the next two days and some thing tells me I might be home even longer. this position is not good for me so I need to get off now and go to bed.

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jonna* said...

Hi Virgi... I am curious about your vertigo. My mom has been having spells of it and we really are unclear as to what is going on. What can you tell me about it??? (Get Erin to give you my email address-)