Sunday, February 19, 2006

Feeling good at the moment

At the moment I'm feeling good. I just got a sudden urge to update my blogg,since I have more hand and eye coordination at the moment. I'm typing a little slow on my laptop that is sitting on my vanity stool up against the tub while I sit in luke warm water watching Gray's anatomy. I must admit that this feeling of being my self is sooooooooooooooo good. I had one spell of vertigo today, but I fought it like a champ and took no meds. I'm sick of meds and will not take it unless I absolutely need it. I did come home from the hospital and wanted to clean my house like a mad woman.

I'm out the tub now and had to stop typing from the tub for many reasons. First, I'm using some expensive laptop around water, ($1700.00) reason #2 Could damage Gray's Anatomy DVD $(19 bucks) reason #3 Virgi getting electrocuted, (priceless). Most of you who know me, can relate to my accident prone ass! I'm feeling much better just sitting her on the love seat in our formal living room just taking in the scent from a mango, papaya candle that Stacy from work, just brought by a few minutes ago. My friends at work have showed much concern for me and Stacy is one of my good coworkers that I get along with well. I'm almost completely off of the pills they gave me but I have been taking Ambien to help me sleep. I only take 1/2 a pill and so far, have only had it twice at home. Meclazine doesn't make me drowsy anymore and only makes me sick,so I have been fighting the vertigo and not taking a DAM thing. I'm stronger than this and I'm going to get past it. If there is one thing I know, it's that I'm a stronger little Guamanian lady with a temper and stamina of a Tiger! ehhehe. I miss the stability in my legs and feel it's gone from walking around like a darn old lady with no balance because of the vertigo. I have 8 days off from work and I will take as long as I need to get better. I will do as I please and remain strong. I miss being on the Net so bad, I was having withdrawals at the hospital.
Rich has been taking care of me like a queen like he always does and he is watching the las 8 laps of Daytona 500 and I wish we could be there in person. Next year we will be there. It's a very gloomy day with a bit of a chill. I'm off of here to watch the last 3 laps.

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