Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Behind the Wheel

Okay so Rich took me out to the base today and I decided that I felt comfortable enough to get behind the wheel and drive. I feel like I'm taking baby steps to get back to normal. I'm still slightly off in a sense and my focus is something I cant' take lightly. I have to make a conscious effort to focus on the motion around me and not the motion going on in me. If you can just imagine for a minute, that you are rocking, not too bad, but just enough to know that your moving front to back or left to right and now your in a moving vehicle with motion all around you and under you. FOCUS, FOCUS FOCUS. When I sit still and type I'm a little sea sick feeling. I would have went back to work today, but I just know the sound of voices in my ear and the focus I have to give to the computer screen that in it's self has a little motion , will just not work for me like this. Anyways, I'm off to my DRs appointment so cross your fingers for me.

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