Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Walking accoss the bordor with a chain saw in hand and knuckle rings

Crazy chain saw man
Okay, since I couldn't get to sleep and was up early this morning, I sat up in bed and read the paper. I came across this article and was so taken back by it I had to read it twice. The paper was just filled will so much importance I had to read every article. LMAO. I also liked the one where Duval County has FINALLY banned corporal punishment in that school district. HELLO, I didn't even know they were using this paddling for decades, here in FL. CRAZY and only in the south. This place is twisted majorly twisted. O. And on another good topic, the courts ruled an okay for the Gays to put up their gay pride flag on display during gay pride week. HELLO!!!! I'm sorry, but I'm very opened minded to lots of ideas and the pursuit to happiness and the rights of woman and children and HUMANS. I'm from GUAM, but I've lived in CA most of my life and so I'm very cultural and very open to Gays and you know what I'm getting at, I just found it so nuts that this back ass South is just now catching up to the times of today. HELLO!!!!!
Back to the subject of my title, they let this guy cross in to America from Canada on the eastern side here and he was holding a chainsaw with what looked like dried blood? Or rust? And he also had on brass knuckles. Would you have let this guy across the border? THEY did, and he killed some old couple in NY.Another crazy... HELLO!!!!!! I have to find the picture of dude and pot it, because he looks absolutely CRAZY

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LORRAINE said...

His eyes alone scare the crap outta me! lol