Saturday, June 11, 2005

Chef Ricardo

I have to tell you all, I married the worlds best cook. LOL. I got home from work on Thursday and could smell the food from the garage. Rich, Mianna and Duke were all outside with the garage open and just ready for me to drive in, park and get in the house. Its always so nice when they meet me outside like that. Rich has attempted to make our favorite lettuce wraps and OMG, this thing tasted better than PF Changs. All we needed was the white noodles, but Rich couldn't find them in the store. But the recipe was his own recipe that he just winged and OMG it was just so awesome. He has to teach me how to make that one. Friday I cooked steak and this morning, OMG I woke up to find blueberry pancake and regular pancake with fresh blueberries and strawberries awaiting me. MY man is so awesome and such a good cook. I ate so good this morning and my belly is in heaven. mmmm

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