Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Update on my job

Okay so I'm still there and it has been 3 days now. Today I got to spend a good 20 minutes 1 on 1 in a room with my boss as I took a survey thing. They do this every year to make things better at work. It was full of all sorts of question, one in particular that asked. " Have you ever been irritated with a customer and showed rudeness back to them?" Well the question went some thing like that. I had to mark I felt sternly about that one. ehhehehe. My boss gave me the disgusted mad look today, the, I'm intimidated by you just a little bit not going to confront you look. LOL. I'm sure she is over it now, and if she had to speak to my customer I'm sure she handled it well. She never said a thing to me and so LIFE moves on as a reservation agent. I have a string of few Bitches today on the phone and I must say I handled my self well. I think Black woman come across the most as having a moody or bitch voice on the phone. I have to stop and think for a moment, but I'm that way myself, not on the phone, but in person and I don't mean to come off as a bitch, but I'm real strong and expressive with my speaks. I'm up late, but I'm feeling better. I was sick all day at work with a headache and nausea. I"m not sure what has gotten into me. They were teasing me that I'm pregnant and even Rich said, "it's my surprise to you" ... NOT. I don't know, I was just sick all day. I just drank some warm milk and I feel better now. I though I might have gotten a touch of food poisoning from Mickey D's. I need to get off this and write my cousin in jail. He was a little down and feeling blue. I just couldn't imagine being locked away in a cell. I feel for him and I try to write just to keep him lifted.

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