Saturday, June 11, 2005


While at the mall yesterday this lady came running up to Mianna and me. She literally was running and we were just walking through the mall. I hate it when people come up to us like that, but She just wanted to pay a compliment to Mianna and say that she is beautiful. Mianna gets that all the time and I'm not just being conceded. I might not see what these people see, yes I know my girl is beautiful, but all moms know there girls are beautiful. Anyways, I think we are a little numb to it, because it's an every day occurrence and just not a big deal anymore. We said thanks and started to walk away, but then she got in front of us and was like, have you ever though about modeling or action? Mianna was like, modeling sounds fun. So she took down Mianna's info and said she would call us. They want Mianna to come in for an audition. This is John Robert Powers. My cousin and aunty Max did it when they were on Guam. Maybe it will be some thing fun for Mianna to do this summer if she likes it. I'm always a little skeptical about these model things, I hear they take your money and leave you with glossy pics and all kinds of crap. I have no idea, but I'll keep you all posted on this.

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PhotoMom said...

If they try to make you pay to enroll her in model training - don't do it. It's a total scam.