Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Six Feet Under 32: MAKING LOVE WORK

O man, I got to catch the last 1/2 hour of my show and then stayed up to watch the beginning on HBO West. I was very impressed with the start for this new and final season. There was so much emotion in this beginning and secret will definitely be revealed. Brend and Nate got married and while Brenda was watching the tape of Nate's marriage to his first wife, they showed her talking to guy who I think might have had some thing to do with her killing.... O the suspense and the drama. I was only speculation on that idea in my own right and I'm not sure that Brenda or Nate were looking at it in that light. Anyways. Brenda miscarries her and Nate's baby the night before the wedding and that was sad.

Okay so you know I'm hooked for the next 12 Mondays. I wish I could have some Six Feet Under parties. ehehhehe. I'll have to try and enjoy every moment of this awesome show. Uuuuh. I just can't get enough.


VikingGirl said...

I'd be there. I love the show and am sad that it is the last season =(

virgi said...

Me too.