Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trugreen Chem Lawn

Since we moved into our new home we have been getting the yard treated with Trugreen. I like the way it looks and it really does stay green. I just wonder if it's worth the cost. We pay 46 bucks a month and thats not too much but it seems like I should be able to do it alone. I bet if I went out to buy the supplies I would probably come out with the same cost or more. And then I would have to do all the work. NOT, just have them spray the yard once a month and keep it at that. Anyways, I'm not sure why I'm writing this, I was out paying bills and when I got home I seen the Trugreen truck parked in front of my house. My neighbor on the end, is pregnant with twin boy and girl, she gets her yard sprayed too. I forget her name, but I'm sure Rich remembers. The house I wanted to buy on the end is having a pool put in. I wish we could have one put in as well. I know it would cost as much as the TL. Why doesn't money just grown on trees. ehehhe. I have to get up and take my butt butt to work now, I need MONEY. lots and lots of Money. remember that song???? I'm out, have good bloggin day to all.

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