Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ladder shelf

Maybe this is what I need to buy. I have been so afraid to affix anything to the walls in my house. Plus I'm still not done with painting, but things just feel like it would be to concrete for me to nail it to the walls. I should probably buy a few of these ladder shelves. It must be having a new home that scares me away from wanting to decorate it. LOL. I have had zero modivation what since we moved in.


PhotoMom said...

I have that same problem - don't want to nail anything in. LOL

LORRAINE said...

They are cute Virgi & cheap! Get a few of them.

virgi said...

Then it has to be new home fear. The fear of making a mistake on where to put things or how to display it. Plus I've lived in Military homes for over 10 years and we could never really put stuff up in fear of messing up the wall, exception on my last Military dump I lived in. LOL