Saturday, June 11, 2005

My neighbors dog is loose

neighbors dog
I called the owners to tell them their dog is loose again. They have 2 dogs, one is named Duke as well and this one is the girl, I'm not sure what her name is. She has been wondering around the street, just locked out of her home I guess. The owners don't know she is loose and I hope they get her soon, before she decided to go out on the HWY again. We gave her some water and might see if they don't get her today, if she needs food. Mianna is out there with her now, she likes to bark, we will give her food. Duke is so gelouse, and wants to get at her, because it's a girl dog. ehehhe. We don't have a fence, so we can't keep her, and I will not let her in my house, she sticks and I'm not sure what Duke will do to her, It's too hot for the garage, and so she is better just free in the front yard. Mianna has been so caring of her. Mianna even sat outside and played with her.

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