Thursday, June 16, 2005


I got up super late this morning at 9:30 and realized I'm the only one home with Duke and need to take him out since he didn't get to go this morning when Rich woke me up 1/2 sleep to say he was running late and that I needed to get up and walk Duke. 4 hours later I finally got up. While I was out walking duke in my all black attire (dump thing to do in FL at this time of day) I was startled by a helicopter flying directly above me. I figured they were going to be arrest me for wearing all black while walking the dog in 90-degree heat and humidity. LOL. Anyways, the dang helicopter kept doing circles around our neighborhood and I just kept having visions of some masked thief running in my neighborhood that would probably scar the crap out of me. Or was the helicopter mistaken and thought I was the crook. It was too dang hot and early to having loud ass helicopter flying over my head while I'm trying to make Duke go poop. Finally he went and as we walked back to the house all of my neighbor on my street were outside looking up into the air. I have no idea what was going on, but this goes to show how rare it is to have a helicopter flying above your neighborhood. I guess I wasn't the only one alarmed and what ever it was I hope they found it. SCARY.

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LORRAINE said...

HAHA @ the wearing black in Fl.
We are in rainy season & it's a drag. I'm so sick of the rain.