Saturday, June 04, 2005

Kit Kat

Mianna is over at Kit kat's house spending the night for her B-day sleep over. 7th graders that have yet to grow out of the sleep overs. Personally I never ever had one when I was little. Rich wants to take me out on a date. I'm not sure what we are going to do. I'm just so hunry all I can do is think about food. Last night I made Kalua Pork and had the left overs for lunch today. I have to sleep early and take my butt butt to work at 7am. Sunday is usually and easy day back at work for me. Monday is the hell hole and then the rest of the week is pretty much the same. People travel so much during the summer and eveyone wants to go to San Diego. I book for over 40 Navy Lodges and we just added about 150 civilian hotels worldwide as well. I can even book for Hotel Del. A few of my coworkers have booked some of the 300 a night rooms. I have only booked the 116 buck rooms at the Annapolis Inn. I'm surprised buy the price since our most expensive Navy Lodge is 100 bucks a night at the MiraMar Inn. Hawaii had pretty good prices at 99 bucks a night for the suite. I wouldn't mind paying that. I have payed upwards of 200 for the W in SD and LA. Too bad we don't book for the Standard in Los Angelos, I like that place. The W is still my favorite and now they take pets too.

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