Monday, June 13, 2005


Kilwins 04
St. Augustine Beach 2004
Yesterday we finally went to the beach. As soon as I got off work, I drove home begged Mianna and Rich to go with me but Rich didn't want to go. Mianna and I got in the old car and drove out to St. Augustine Beach. We had so much fun walking on the beach and just playing in the sand. We picked up some pretty shells and then headed into town. We ate at Kilwins Ice ceam and candy shop and mmmmmmmm it was so awesome. I didn't bring the camera and so I have no pictures to share. I was sad not having the camera and kept wishing I even had a camera phone.ehehheh. It was nice and warm, but not hot and mugy. I kept my mind clear and just relaxed while thinking about nothing but havig fun with daughter. I do have an old picture of us from last year in St. Augustine. I'll just post that one for fun. The funny thing is I have a picture of us outside of kilwin's last year and didn't even know I had a picture of this. ehehhe. I can't believe we have been here 1 year already. On our way to the beach we drove over the draw bridge and had to stop because it was lifting to let boats pass by, We also noticed the gay pride flags flying high on the bridge. I did a blog about that a few days ago.

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