Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sun bathing with FL wildlife

Butterfly on Rich
Rich lain out in the backyard and it was so funny when Mianna yelled a butterfly is on dad's butt. We all ran over to watch and literally this butterfly was there for like 10 minutes. While I was taking pictures of the butterfly and busting up I seen a snake. O MY GOD a snake, Mianna was just about to run out and warn him before he got bit, when her new fried Elise said " no it's not a snake it's a skink. A what? I finally seen the rest of it and was relieved that it was only lizard. Elise said she just watched a thing on Animal planet about it and said it's called a skink. I looked it up and to be more specific it's a Juvenile skinks and it's native to FL. The most common one of the 3 is the Southeastern Five-lined Skink but the Broad-headed Skink is also another type and it really hard to distinguish between the 2 or 3. After it left the bug it was eating under Richie's chair it ran towards the tree and I read that the Broad-headed Skink like to climb high up into trees so HMMMM. After I folded up the chair I found a grasshopper and an albino looking frog. Just a little too much wildlife for me. LOL


PhotoMom said...

Woo-hoo yer livin' there in the sticks.

LORRAINE said...

OMG Virgi or should I start calling you Steve Irwin! lol
Scary I'd freak on all those animals except the butterfly! Hehe..It's like a bloody zoo over there! =)

Hayleigh said...

Wow Richie is WHITE!! You guys do still live in Florida right?? LOL