Monday, August 01, 2005


Okay so Armco is the builder and I just think they really stink. Yeah, more problems with the house. Mianna has has a broken sink for over a few months now, but only because I never took the time to call the builder and let them know about it. Anyways, we are also waiting on our dishwasher to come in and that has been over 6 months now.I was talking to my neighbor and she is having problems with a leaky toilet. Lord help us, our warranty is only for one year and I better get my but on the phone and add a few more years to it if I can. You know you can buy more warranty and that's always cheaper then having to replace or fix things in the long run, anyways I'm off to work, and by the way I have a DR app. Tomorrow to see about my hurt leg ;o( I'm hungry. Talk to you all later.

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