Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Seeing double

Okay so a few months ago Rich started getting his haircut at this salon in Orange Park. Every time he would get his haircut and use our debit/visa card, it would get charged twice. The haircut cost 11 bucks, and so when I would look over the bank statement I would see 2 charges back to back for 11 bucks. This has happen so many times that after like the 4th time I told him not to use the card there any more and to just pay cash. Mianna just recently got her haircut at Avenues Mall this pass weekend and today I was going over my bank statement and what do you know, they charged us twice for the cut. I had to call the lady and the manager just credit my account for the charge. I will never use my card at that salon again. eheheh. What is up with FL and the double charge at the salons. I know the lodge has the same problem when guest use there debit/credit card, and so just be careful to always go over your statements and don't second guess them charges you know you didn't make. I have to get my hair cut next, but I will go to The Studio. I love that place to death. Okay have a good bloggin day, I'm off to get ready for work now.


PhotoMom said...

You should take your bank statements to that barber Rich went to and have them refund your money. That's ridiculous AND criminal if they keep doing it on a consistent basis.

virgi said...

we got refunded for all the extra charges each time it happen, so we are all good now.

PhotoMom said...

Good. I hate it when establishments have irresponsible billing practices.