Monday, August 08, 2005

New street

new street
I just took Duke on a walk and decided to head east on my street and it's actually a street now. They have completed it and it looks so good, now they have room to build all 9 homes that will go on our street. I was finally able to see the Builders daughters house in the corner on our street and she has a 3 car garage and I'm sure it's a 4 or 5 bedroom. It looks really cute from the outside and the windows are nothing like the windows on the homes in the neighbor hood, so it stands out in a good way. I just can't wait to build our next home.


PhotoMom said...

Dang, you're already ready for another home? LOL Did you ever get your dishwasher?

virgi said...

No. I called the lady yesterday and she said that she would look into it for me and call me back. Still no call. I hope she calls today.