Wednesday, August 03, 2005


When I arrived at work yesterday the first thing I noticed was some flowers on my desk, I said to myself, wow someone got flowers. I decided to be nosy and look at the card, when I seen my name on it. LOL. O man, what a big surprise. Rich had got me some flowers for my birthday. I sat at my desk all day just smelling them and smiling. I had a wonderful day. After work I headed home to find the truck was missing. I called Rich, "where are you? I'll be home in 2 minutes. RICH (" when are you") I'm home silly. NO your not, yes I am and that is how I know your truck is not in the driveway. ehehhe. When he got home he had some fresh sushi from KoKo's and that was what I had for my B-day dinner. He is so thoughtful and always does things so nice. Oya I can't forget he moved my car for me and when I got in the car to head home I found a note on the dash by the instruments. I took pics for you all to see.

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PhotoMom said...

Rich has always been good like that. He is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met.