Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pain go away.

Well guys, I was thinking I was feeling all better when all my pain, just started back up yesterday. I miss my physical therapy appointment on Monday and now I wish I never did. I have to wait 2 weeks for the next appointment and in the mean time I'm just taking my naproxen and felling like a pill junkie. I hate this. I can't really sit for long periods of time because it really starts to hurt and then my thigh and foot go numb and the back of my thigh just hurts. This dang nerve damage is not going to go away. My entire right side of my body, from head to toe, is in pain. Suck sucks sucks. What really sucks, is that I have to go to work and sit for a constant 8 hours. Last night I was in pain and so I had to stand up and do my job. My sciatic nerve is what is being triggered, so they say by the muscles in my buttock that are strained, or what ever. I have no clue really what the DR told me since he talked so dang fast, but I got that much out of his explanation for my problem. He had asked me repeatedly if I have ever had an injury or if I was lifting heavy thing. NO , NO and NO. But then being female and that fact that I had a child might have a little bit of some thing to do with the problem. I also read a little bit about it on the net and it could be a number of things and if this pain doesn't go away they will probe me. O GOD NO. The Dr says that it goes away 90% of the time with meds and therapy and that was comforting to hear. I'm just hoping I'm in that 90 percentile

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Poor Virgi =(