Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hardening Muscles

Okay so I finally got to see the physical therapy Dr today and he told me that the hardening of my buttock muscle is causing the sciatic nerve to get pinched in my hip area. Its all because I sit all day long at my job and so I learned some streaches to help it. He said it will eventually happen to the left side so I have to streach on both sides to make it all better. Anyways, I probably would have never started to have this problem if I had only kept up with going to Yoga and getting my twice a month messages. SO I'm going to start working days this Monday and Ill try to make some time for yoga and messages again. I need to get a regular message like I use to. It funny how the little things make suck a difference in your life, but going from being a regular work out person to just not working out at all, is BAD for me. ehehhe. I'm not sure if I'm going to like this new days schedule but I'm full time now and I will work from 10-6 everyday, but keep my same days off.


PhotoMom said...

And I thought having hard muscles was a good thing? Ah hell. LOL

LORRAINE said...

10-6pm isn't bad hours though... You're not up too early & your home for the evening.
You finish painting your walls? How do they look?

virgi said...

Yeah, Monday I start my new scedual and i'm hoping it goes okay. Wall are not all the way done yet, but almost