Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sugar & Jitter are lost

Mianna didn't put the hamster cage back together the right way and woke up this morning to find both hamsters missing. Just great, now we have them loose in our house and there is no tell where they could be. This place is over 2000 sq feet and I just can't believe they have gone missing.


PhotoMom said...
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PhotoMom said...

Try this:

How to catch a Hamster

Luisa has a hamster named Brownie and although he has a nice home, Brownie escapes every now and then. If you have a hamster yourself, then you may know that it is not easy to catch an escaped hamster. We tried to use our dog Fuzzy, but he was not good at it.

Fortunately, her sister Diana developed a reliable method to catch

The trap consists of two parts. The bucket has some hamster food at the bottom and it should be the most delicious food possible.

The second part is a stair made with books. It should not be too steep so that the hamster can indeed climb up.

Hamsters are active at night and, while we sleep, Brownie comes out from his hiding place, smells the food, climbs up the stairs and slides down the plastic bucket from which he cannot escape.

We learn three lessons from this:
1) Hamsters have a great sense of smell and detect food, not visible to them, from some distance.
2) Hamsters have no fear of height and do not understand the mechanics of a smooth plastic bucket.
3) Either hamsters do not learn from their mistakes or they are too greedy to stay away from a simple trap.

It really works!

LORRAINE said...

OMG, good luck getting them, wow 2 of them, Eeeek!!!
Try the trap Ingrid recommended, hope it works. Keep us posted.

virgi said...

I FOUND THEM. they were in the closet next to the cage, all the way in the back behind some blastic bins I have in there. :oP this was like 10 minutes ago, so they are back in the cage. ehehhe.