Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finished Painting

Foyer fixture
dining room chandelier
dining room chandelier
Dukes yellow paw
Mianna's ceiling fan
Over this past weekend we finally finished up our painting of the formal rooms and installation of some more light fixtures in our foyer and dining room. Duke even tried to help us paint when he stepped in the yellow paint dish. I love the way the formal rooms look. Now we just have a few more touch ups to make and the area is complete. I also want to hang a few shelves on the walls in each room. Rich finished putting up the cabinet pulls and installed Mianna's ceiling fan. My favorite thing has to be the medallion we put up with the dining room chandelier and the cranberry wall.


LORRAINE said...

Looks good guys! The walls don't look a boring white anymore! lol Well done, I'm sure you are glad it's done. Light fixtures are nice too.

PhotoMom said...

Lorraine! Where'd your blog go???

virgi said...

She took down her blogg, said she never has time to keep up with it. SAD. :o( I'll miss it also.