Friday, March 25, 2005

Tornado warnings

O my goodness guys, I'm laying in bed watching TV, when all of a sudden an alert comes on TV, to warn of us a tornado in central clay county. That is our county and one has been spotted on Kingsly, about 12 miles from here and it was heading east, towards the base. I called Rich to warn him because he is on base and will have to drive towards the area on his way home. It is raining like crazy and really bad wind,with thunder and lightning. The power keeps going on and off, and the thunder is making me a little scared. :o(. Mianna just ran in here, "mom I'm scared". I was like ME too! The thunder is so strong is shaking some of the house and windows. The crazy thing is that every once in awhile the rain and wind just stops and it's silent. My friend Merrands is from Oklahoma and she says, that's when you get scared, when all of a sudden it gets silent. O my god. Pray for us, I hope this weather stops!!!!

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PhotoMom said...

OOOO... stay safe you guys. Stay away from the windows. Love you!