Sunday, March 06, 2005

Outlet Shopping in the TL

We are so happy to finally have the car back. Friday we were told to pick the car up at the shop by 5:30, but around that time in FL, traveling anyplace close to or in the vicinity of downtown is like driving in SD or LA, traffic. We were on the Matthews Bridge and it was 5:56 we were nowhere close to Tom Bush. When we called in they said the shop closes at 6 and by this time it was 6. We got to the shop and Rich pointed it out to me, I told him to go and we can try. We got lucky because the they were just about to move our car back into the shop to lock it up and Rich was able to signal the guy down and the lady that takes the payments was still in the shop. We dropped off the rental and took off in the TL. eheheh. We decided to go out to dinner that night and celebrate, so we went to Carabbas down the street and then back home to relax. Yesterday we decided to head to St. Augustine and go shopping. We live about 20 miles from the Belz Outlet store and there are two buildings, one side has 95 stores, all out doors and the other side is all indoors, like a giant mall outlet. I had fun in BCBG and we found Miannas favorite store Limited Too ;o) I'll bring her back on Mar 28th to use her 2bucks. I also went shopping in Guess,Aeropostal and Coach!!!! I got yet another Coach wristlet.Rich found some pants in Nautica After shopping we drove to downtown St. Augustine and drove around just to listen to the DVD quality CD's we bought and enjoy the sun as we drove around with the sunroof open and Alicia keys singing in surround sound quality DVD. The TL has the best sound system on the market. The DVD quality CD's are very expensive at 18 bucks per CD, so we will only buy what we know is good and start a small collection for the car. We got to see Alicia keys in concert and she is one of our favorites so we had to get that CD. Rich also got Bob Marley but the format was all wrong for the car and so it wouldn't play. I think I accidentally tossed the receipt and so we are stuck with the CD. Maybe I can play it on the PC :0). I took a few pictures and since it's Bike week here in FL, there are many Harley Davidson’s on the road. After we left the beach area we drove toward home and stopped to eat crab at our favorite spot, Outback Crab Shack. I drove home and it was just so nice to relax in my heated seats and comfy temps all the way home. The blue tooth phone I got rich works, but it's really funky on how well it works. Overall we had a good day and today we plan on going hiking.

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