Monday, March 07, 2005

Email from Erin

I finally got an e-mail from miss Erin in LA. She also sent some pics of her new pups. She had one that was older and looked just like the two here, but Red passed away last year. This is a piece of her letter

Here are the trouble-makers: Margo (left) and
Sophie (right).  They got into a purple boa and tore it to shreds.  They
got caught in the act, and this is them trying to look innocent.
However, they had feathers stuck in their mouths and their noses!  They
couldn't get the feathers out of their mouths at all!  It was hilarious,
like they were trying to get peanut butter out of their mouths...

Then, as you can see, they can be sleeping beauties.

The other pict is of me at our New Years company party.

Miss you!

Lots of Love,

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