Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Special Order

We got our table on order :o) ehhehe. Richie went yesterday and he looked at the table and had to put in a special order for it and he also picked the chairs he liked. A few weeks ago we were in Pottery Barn and Rich seen some really nice looking leather chairs. The style is almost exactly like our Ikea chairs, except it is covered in leather. Here is a link to the Grayson chair on Pottery Barn. Well the chairs he picked is similar to that style but it's black leather and without the Pottery Barn price tag... our leather chairs were 100 bucks less and he picked 2 for the ends of the table. The other two are just the regular black woden chairs that match the table. I will put a cute seat cushion to match the window covering. Later on I'll buy two more chairs so we can seat a total of 6 and then get about 3 or 4 bar stool chairs. Richie surprised me and got 4 nice wine glasses. I'm just excited for the table to come and get it all set up. Happy Happy Happy...LOL

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