Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Shopping in Jaxs

I'm so excited about our newest shopping venue in Jackson. We drove out to St. Johns Town Center yesterday and it was just so huge. I really can't wait till it's all complete and my favorite store (BeBe) opens on May 15th. We drove out yesterday and the traffic was pretty bad but it was worth it. We had so many store to choose from and the first one we went into was Ross. This shopping venue is so easy to get to and it's just down the street from Costco. I make a trip to Costco about once every month or so and now I have even more reason to drop by and head on down the street to Ross. It's so nice to have most of my favorite stores here in Jaxs. All we need now is IKEA and Mervyns. LOL. I'll settle for just having Target, since it's the same company as Mervyns, but Ikea is a little bit far in Atlanta Ga, I believe. I can just shop online I guess. Anyways, the St. Johns Town Center has it all, they even have Sephora , Black/White House, PF Chang's (yes!!!!) and Cheesecake Factory (that reminds me of Vegas)There are so many stores I can't mention them all.Here is a link to all that St. Johns has to offer. I want to go back today if we can. LOL.
I found a cute table for my office. There is a furniture store there called
Bo, we didn't go in it, but we will when we go back. I checked out the online site and it reminds me of Ikea, so it's a good substitute. It has imports from all over the world. With my nook table from Thailand my benches from India, I'm really into the world traveled looked. :o).

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