Sunday, March 13, 2005

Just in time for Easter

Friday was my day off and I spent all day running around to different furniture stores to look for a table for our nook. I just got more and more depressed as I went from store to store and couldn't find anything even close to what I had wanted from World Market. On Friday night I had pleaded with Rich to go back to World Market and get my table. He left and came back to tell me that he had sad new. He said that the tables had sold out and that they had to reorder and it would arrive in one week. I was okay with that, but a little sad =( and then he said he was just joking and to come help him bring the table in. Our friend Merranda had let us borrow her truck and so that was very easy for him to load it up and take it home. We spent some time putting together the 2 chairs and then on Saturday morning I got up early and put 2 chairs together on my own. Rich woke up just as I got started on the table. This table is solid wood and very heavy. I just love our new table. I made pancake for breakfast and it was so nice to have spot to sit and eat breakfast. I decorated the table for Easter and here are a few pics.


LORRAINE said...

Yay, you got it! =)
Looks nice in your nook area.
Does the table go bigger? Does it have a leaf you can add to it to make it bigger?
Your house is coming along nicely Virgi. Can't wait till it's my turn, lol =)

virgi said...

Yes I got it. The table is set up as a45" round, but it does have a leaf that we took out. With the leaf in it's a 62" oval. =). I know your exited to have your home built. Your new table will look good in your foraml dining room.

PhotoMom said...

Now all you need is a nice Easter flower arrangement to complete your setting. =) I love the table. Excellent choice!

virgi said...

I did put some silk Easter lily flowers there in the center. Maybe Richie can buy me some real ones to go in it's spot =) I love fresh flowers.

PhotoMom said...

I hink frsh tulips would really bring it all together (HINT-HINT RICH!).