Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I just spent the last few minutes cleaning my computer and and getting rid of spyware and adware. I only had 4 components found and then I seen a hacker tried to get into my system at 1am in the morning a fews days ago, and all the way from Budapest. Freaks. I just can't understand these computer geeks that sit up all night trying to hack into someone's system. Anyhow, I'm up early and getting my shopping game on this morning. I'm not actually shopping, but Mianna is ready to hit up limited Too with her Too bucks she earned the last shopping spree she had a few months ago. I'm hungry. Need to eat and then get ready for our adventure. I think we will head out to the outlet malls, and if not then head up to the new one in St. Johns. It all depends on if I can resist the shopping at St. Johns, it might be safer just to go the the outlet malls. :o). Darn. I don't have much money for a shopping spree for the both of us. I can actually fit the Jr stuff in her store, so I might just get away with a purchase today. Back in Fresno I actually bought a skirt from Limited too and it was a size 3Jr's. I'm just happy we got the TL to drive today. I love my new car. I also got the XM radio for 1 year ;o) love XM to death. Okay, I'm out.

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