Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Family left womans's remains on kitchen floor for 2 yesrs

Kathleen Wilson lay on the kitchen floor of her Fairfield, Calif., home for nearly two years after she died, her son and husband stepping around the remains as they prepared meals and went on with daily life.
Fairfield police discovered the corpse and arrested her son, Jack Wilson 48, Friday afternoon on suspicion of elder abuse. A concerned neighbor had reported not seeing the elderly woman in about a year. Jack Wilson told police his mother had fallen in the kitchen sometime in the mid 2003 and she had remained there ever since, said Fairfield police Sgt. Mike Johnstone.
"He says he left her in the kitchen and tried to feed her and take car of her for a couple weeks before she died," Johnstone said.
Jack Wilson had been cooperative with the investigation. Police said he understood his mother was dead, but why he never tried to get her medical attention or report her death remains unclear. "He didn't have an answer for that," Johnstone said. Jack's father, Harry Wilson, 81, was taken into the care of Adult Protective Services. He returned home from a walk as officers were arresting his son and asked where his wife was, Johnstone said.
A county social worker went to the home for welfare check Friday after a neighbor anonymously called Solano County's Adult Protective Services tip line. The social worker called police after detecting a strange odor emanating from the residence, Johnstone said.
Police say the home was in disarray, littered with trash and cat feces from family pets. Kathleen Wilson's clothed remains lay uncovered on the kitchen floor.
"Harry and Jack lived there, they were at the house, they continued to use the kitchen, " Johnstone said.

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