Tuesday, March 22, 2005

1/2 Million houses

I have to tell you all about my different yet exciting morning. I was sitting here at the laptop like I am now at the nook table when I heard a knock on my door and could see from the chair I’m in that my neighbor Marylyn was at the door. She live 2 houses down from me and has had a for sale sign up in her yard since we moved in. I have spoke with her several times and met her while I was out walking Duke. I had invited her to my party on Friday but she didn't show. I answered the door and it was one of the first things she said to me. I’m sorry for not coming to your party but I was sick. She had a little scare at the Dr's office and though she was having liver problems, but it all turned out to be wrong and she is find. Anyways, she says to me, come on lets go get out I'm going to Home Depot, come with me and we will go. I put on my shoes and hopped in her brand new expedition with her. Nice ride. She has several nice cars in their driveway and also has a viper. Well she told me she had a few people come look at the house and this one black guy was real interested in it, so maybe he will buy it. I got to see her home and the pool in the backyard, man her house is so nice. wish I could buy it and move over there instead of this one. ehhehe. NOT. I love my home. I really do love our house. I just want her pool in my back yard and her Jacuzzi too. She spent 30,000 to have it put in and then 7000 on her fence and I like her fence too. We have similar taste. Anyways, I got to see the floor plan to her new home that is being built and it will be done by July. It's on the lake in Eagle Harbor and it's not too far down the street, back in Flemming Island. I fell in love with her property and the dock is almost down, so she can walk out on it and go fishing soon. The lady has some big bucks. She told me that she bought her house flat out cash and with no mortgage and she has no bills only her electric and phone and insurance... stuff like that. So it's no big deal if the house takes forever to sale because it's paid off and she has only lived in it for 1 year. She bough the house for 198 and is trying to sale it now for 285. I think she can get more for it ,but she is really not looking to make any money on it, just wants to sale it. She had a realtor and so if it sales she will pay the realtor 17000. I learned so much about her in such a short time and so you can tell she is a talker. We got along real well on our short 1 hour trip. while we were out at her water front property and she took me to a close by neighborhood to show me some more beautiful homes and I was just in awe with the places we seen, and then we stopped at this one venition looking house and John Long the builder of it was standing outside taking pictures. We got out the car and she knew him, so we got a tour or the house. This kitchen was pretty nice, with cabinetry that cost 50,000... O my god, this place had 23 or 24 foot ceilings and lots of windows and balconies and a bathroom in a really weird spot in the front of the house with a huge window, so you could see into it from the front of the house and I’m not joking it was so funny. we were busting up on how people will be able to look in on the guest bathroom from the front of the house. I'm not joking it was so funny. The colors of the walls were a brown and the color of the carpet almost matched and I thought it was all ugly. Mary didn't like it as well. The mast bathroom had a 2 way entrance 1/2 circle shower with 2 shower heads and body massager. o my goodness, spoiled. anyways. the house was pretty nice and about 2 1/2 times the size of mine, or maybe 3 times the size. Anyways, I got to thinking, this is just too nice and what and interesting day. When we got to Home Depot finally she picked up some seeds and then we headed back to the house. Come to find out that she is half Guamanian and Filipino and from Guam. She lived in Inarahan and her son that lives with her grew up on Guam. Too funny, I have a rich Guamania friend. She was saying how she is sad that we are friends now and she is leaving the neighborhood. I told her, STOP, your only moving down the street less than 5 miles and we can still be friends. I would like that, if I could come over and go boating and swim in the pool and all the privileges of having a rich friend. ehheheh. too funny. She was like Yeah, and your daughter can come over too and swim and we can take her fishing and all that. Anyways, she gave me some deer meat and I'm too exited to make my favorite dish with it and she also gave me some hot peppers. So that was the highlight of my day, hanging with the rich. Maybe I can pick up some pointer and someday have a water from home like hers. Anyway, I had a fun time.

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