Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Need for Speed, G!

Get it? G? ehhehe
Last year I purchased this Sony Vaio notebook and didn't realize it was only running on 802.11b.............dumb but after I got my new G roughter last month, I realized it. Today I just upgraded to a G adapter and I'm such a nerd LOL I get a big kick out of messing with the computers in the house. My network is tighter than Fort knox. LOL , no, i'm just happy to be wirless and this 54 Mbps is NICE. I just got Richie a new cell phone today, and he has been wanting an update. I'm glad I waited just in time to get him a bluetooth enabled phone. The TL has bluetooth so he can use his phone wirless in the car. I might get him an earpiece later, so he can have that FBI look ehhehehe, or is it the Men In Black look. I like that look. Speaking of look, I need to go put my window covering in the nook and make space for the table.I believe Rich will go pick it up today. I'm so excited. This is the phone I got Richie. Talk to ya latter G. LOL

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