Friday, April 21, 2006


Uah... I guess my dizzyness was still precent after that taunting test at the Dr office today. I hope I return to normal soon. I just have a sence of unsteadiness, no spinning, but more like a sway from side to side or front to back. I took Miannas computer in to have it upgraded with memory and a new video card if needed. I would have done it my self but the shop I normally go to had moved and so I found a new shop and just decided to have them do it for me. I love taking computers apart and messing with the inner workings, ehhehe. I need to spend my off time catching up on house work and laundry. I need a maid. With two jobs I will be so spent and not able to keep up on my house work. My daughter will have to step up and really start cleaning. We are thinking about sending her to Hawaii for the summer, but not sure if she wants to go yet. My friends mom lives in Hawaii and had asked if Mianna wanted to come out with her grandaughter for the summer. If I was Mianna I would go! After the computer store I took Mianna to watch Scary Movie4 and then out for an ice cream treat.

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