Monday, April 17, 2006

Back from Tampa

Hard Rock Hotel Tampa
We got up early Friday and drove 3 1/2 hours to Tampa and got there a little too early to check in, but we Decided to go ahead and book the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This was a really nice and I mean nice hotel. It's a lot nicer than the Hard Rock in Vegas. We were able to check in an hour early, but before we did that we went to the historic downtown and ate some sushi at a really nice place. I had my Hard Rock Special massage booked for 2pm and while I checked in to have my swedish massage with hot rocks, Rich and Mianna checked into the room and decided to hang out by the pool and play a game of pool. The Spa was really small but soooooooooo serene and beautifully decorated. I was in heaven with this massage and hooked for life. I will have to strive to get one at least once a month or every other month. I wish I could aford it every 2 weeks, like I use to get at the old apartments. After the massage I hung out in the spa and layed down in the steam room for about 10 minutes and that was really peaceful and relaxing as well. I was going to get into the indoor jacuzzi but decided to join my family outside and just in the jacuzzi out there. But before I left the spa I took a nice shower and fell in love with the huge shower head that come down on me like rain. I want a shower head like that in my bathroom... ehhehe. The pool at the Hard Rock played music under water and Mianna was amazed by that. I never got to hear it because they had a live band playing when I got out there and had turned off the music. We had to stop swimming after the life guard had found some thing that wasn't quite right in the pool. I suspect it was poop from one of kids that were down that end of the pool. We were at the deep end and so we never saw it, but they shut down the pool and we all retreated to the jacuzzi that was right next to a huge waterfall wall. After swimming we decided to go back to the room and get dressed and head to the mall. Rich got his watched sized and Mianna and I just tooka look around the mall and had fun playing in Sephora and bought some dirt; no not real dirt, but the hair product by Johnathan product. I love it and it really works. After the mall closed we decided to eat at California Pizza Kitchen and then headed back to the hotel. Rich and I went out at a little after midnight when the club Floyds opened up and we almost cosed it when we left at 5:30. I danced my boody off and had such a good time. The drinks were so over priced but we still had fun. I was too pooped to go gambling and not really into gambling so Rich went back down to play a little poker. No luck for him, but he had fun. The next morning we got up and requested a late check out and got ready to go the Bush Gardens. The park was fun but we didn't really have enough time to ride too many rides. Rich got on the huge coaster called SheiKra. I better get my butt butt to bed now, it's almost 1am.

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