Tuesday, April 04, 2006

200 causes for vertigo

Today was my appointment with the National Hearing and Balance Institute of Jacksonville. I learned so much at my appointment and I'm so excited to go to the next step for testing. I never did see Dr. Green today, but the PA was so in formative and very in depth. She made me feel confident that we would get to the bottom of my problem and diagnosis and help to treat what ever it is that is the underlining cause of my vertigo. I have been vertigo free for a month now, but still experience off balance from time to time. The civilian side of the medical world is so different from that of the Navy. I took another hearing test today and have some high tone loss in both ears and more in my right than my left. That test along with a few others is enough for them to want to figure out what the underlining cause is and there is a strong possibility that there are 6 different things that I could have and for now we are sure that it's not life threatening and THAT is such a relief. My vertigo could have been going on for the past 6 years and only now took a turn for the worst and we need to find out what triggered it. I was so bug eyed when the PA told me there are 200 causes for vertigo. WOW. I'm happy to be on the way to recovery and I'll be sure to update my blogg and keep you all posted step by step.

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Okay young lady, no more cars that go BOOM for you. ;)