Friday, April 21, 2006

Minature Horse

I was at my Dr appointment today and this lady had a minutre hores for a guide named Conffetti. She had such soft hair and nibbled on my leg a little. I really got a kick out of Conffetti and instantly took a picture with my cell phone along with video and I blogged it from the Dr's office. ehehhe. My testing went well, but they did find that I am missing about 75% of my balance and it stems from a vistibular problem. I will have to do some physical therapy to retrain my brain to register my movement and balance and I should be a Okay again. I can't believe my brain had only been operation on 25% balance... that is a huge percentage. It's not only the barin, but my ear balance and the brain registering the balance.... WOW, anyways, I'm on my way to more recovery and I feel good about it. Todays tests made me so dizzy that it brought back memories of a few months ago when I was having bad vertigo.

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