Monday, April 03, 2006

Quick update

It's really late and I have no time for a long blogg, but I have some sad news. We lost Duke the day we were heading to Orlando. Rich left the garage door open and Duke just ran off without us knowing. We looked for 2 hours and had no luck. Our neighbors said they would keep a lookout for us, but no luck so far. We still left for Orlando with much heartache, but we had no way of canceling our hotel reservation, since it was such short notice and so we decided to just go. Duke has gotten out many times before, but each time we found him quickly and this time it was different. Duke usually gets away at night and it's so hard to find him but we always manage. I just couldn't believe this time he got out in the middle of the morning and in full sun light and we couldn't find him. Mianna walk behind every house in the neighborhood with out a fence and even looked behind the ones with fences, while I looked in front. We looked for exactly 2 hours and even drove to other neighborhoods in the area. We only have 99 homes in this small neighborhood that consist of 2 col de sac and one main street. It was hard to have fun in Orlando while thinking about bobo. We had our dog for almost 14 years. I ran out of ink for my printer on the same day, so I was not able to print out flyers to post around town. I will get some printed this week and check with the pound and animal shelters. Duke has a chip in his shoulder blade area and so maybe they will be able to contact us if he is turned into a pound. I think the home number on the chip is my old home number but the cell number should be on there as well. I did get call before when he use to get out in Lemoore. I will call Lemoore tomorrow and see if I can get a hold of the # to the company that put the chip in him so I can update the information on the computer. I"M SO SAD it HURTS. I miss my dog. Surprisingly enough Mianna is taking it well and I haven't seen her cry yet or talk about it much. I think she is just trying to be a big girl about it. I think someone has him and is keeping him, but who knows. He had no color on but I hope someone turns him into the pound and they will know he has a chip in him. On a positive note, people in our area love there pets and pets in genaral. We have a pet shelter close by and a boarding facility and also a vet close by. I know people love there pets in our area, because we have more vets then nail shops and I kid you not we have more vets then any place I have ever seen. I can count 10 in a ten miles radius. I will visit all and post flyer as well.

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